Realistic and entertaining outdoor gaming needs equipment that can live up to those standards. The LaserTrooper offers plenty of benefits for all businesses alike. We have set the new standard in the business from a design, technological and innovative point of view. Why? This is why!

Ten Reasons

Even though we can easily give a hundred reasons, for practical purposes we offer here ten reasons why the LaserTrooper is superior as an outdoor game system and it is interesting to choose to adopt the LaserTrooper.

Reason I - Larger customer base

Due to the technologies used by the LaserTrooper, it allows outdoor terrains to approach multiple customer groups: children, families and corporate groups. These groups might have reservations to attractions such as paintball due to its physical nature. When combined with other attractions such as go-karts, indoor laser tag or even paintball itself, those groups can be attracted at a more intensive level which allows benefits for a business. Additionally, the existence of the LaserTrooper at an arena allows features such as package pricing, it enhances the time a customer is on the site and it increases revenue from food and beverages!

Reason II - Design and innovations

Several of our employees are working full time on day-to-day basis on updates, innovations and research and development. Due to the use of our software, we are able to introduce updates fast and efficient which ensures you of modern laser tag technologies, innovations and the best service towards you and your players!
We believe that the design of the LaserTrooper is quite awesome. The LaserTrooper has been made so that when you see it, you want to play, and that is exactly what it offers!

Reason III - Versatility

We acknowledge the fact that a lot of the expected clientele will be groups such as corporate groups or birthday parties. That is why we offer the ability to host up to 6 teams for a total of 64 players with the LaserTrooper! The advanced software delivered with any LaserTrooper package, allows you to customize any single game to your players desires and requirements. With some simple clicks of the mouse you can dynamically change any game as you see fit!

Reason IV - Experience

The company behind the LaserTrooper; Multimax, has an extended knowledge on any area that comes with laser tag games. With LaserMaxx, LaserTrooper's indoor brother, we are market leader in Europe and as such we have over a decade worth of experience. This experience ensures you of constant innovations and the best available product! With extensive knowledge in exporting our equipment to countries all throughout the world, you can be assured that we know how we can help you best.

Reason V - Infrared and laser

We use focused infrared in our systems, giving a huge increase to realism as it makes sure that a hit on the body is actually a registered hit. Players shooting at the target, will actually hit the target. Why not use laser? Buy a laser pointer and aim it at a wall. Imagine having to hit that from 100 meters exactly on a one square centimeter sensor. Exactly that is why we use infrared which we align with complicated mathematical calculations. Infrared we use for shot transmission, laser for optical purposes. The perfect combination.

Reason VI - Accuracy

We offer a complete accuracy of 100% up to 130 meters. Impossible you say? Not quite. Weather, wind or other variables have no influence on the direction of the beam and as such, the beam will exactly reach the spot it was aimed at. This is opposed to paintball which has, depending on which brand is being used, an average deviation of several meters (!) after the 30 meter mark. Imagine the competitive advantage in that!

Reason VII - Service

The service that comes with the LaserTrooper is of high standards. Because your peak hours may not follow suit with normal business hours or perhaps you are simply in another time zone, we offer 24/7 service and support via internet and telephone. We have multiple technicians willing to answer any of your question and we know from experience what it takes for your facility to become as profitable and efficient as possible!

Reason VIII - Mobility

Did you know that the LaserTrooper is played without any need for another device worn on the head or body? All electronics required we have incorporated in the gun offering full mobility to players. Running at full speed, crawling, sneaking or even climbing are all possibilties due to the sophisticated design of the LaserTrooper!

Reason IX - Durability

The LaserTrooper has a battery which can last up to a full working day before it is needed to recharge. Next to that it ensures that players can play the game without being interrupted by a very annoying pause because the battery ran out, it also makes sure the electronic recharging can be at a complete minimum. Good for the environment ánd your wallet!

Reason X - Playability

Adding to the experience of players as well as the realism of the game; cheating has been restricted to a minimum. The LaserTrooper does not allow a player to claim he has not been hit nor does it allow a player claiming he has made a hit while in reality he didn't. Hits trigger a response in both the guns of the players involved so both know that they have made a hit or have been hit, while at the same time the hit is automaticly real-time registered and reflected in the score sheets. Full realism, an awesome experience and complete player-friendliness. All in one system.

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