Product information

  • Range & Accuracy: 130+ meters
  • Width: 70mm (2.8 inch)
  • Height: 190mm (7.5 inch)
  • Length: 640mm (24.2 inch)
  • Weight: 1,2kg (2,6 lbs)
  • Capacity: 6 teams and 64 players
  • Battery Capacity: 24 hours
  • Optional features: Tactical Scope


Never thought outdoor laser gaming without a vest or any other device attached to the body or head was possible? Think again. We have developed the LaserTrooper: the next generation in outdoor games. Unique in its kind, the LaserTrooper uses advanced hard- and software allowing game diversification and realistic entertainment!

Realistic outdoor laser tag

The LaserTrooper offers the most realistic outdoor laser tag system available! In comparison: paintball generally has a pure shot distance of 80-90 meters and has an accuracy deviation of multiple meters after it reached the 30 meters mark. Obviously this causes the paintball to flight off target. The LaserTrooper can easily reach the incredible pure shot distance of 130 (!) meters and has an accuracy of 100%. The advanced laser technology makes outdoor games much more realistic and accurate. It is not about luck anymore, it is now about skill!

The advantages of the LaserTrooper in comparison are plentiful: paintball can cause damage to clothing or the human body whereas the LaserTrooper is guaranteed safe and pain-free in all aspects! The LaserTrooper offers the ability to play without an uncomfortable mask and due to the advanced software the you can change any game with a mouse click. This makes outdoor gaming more dynamic and player-friendly than ever before!

Advanced Technology

Due to advanced innovations in no way a vest or any other device such as a headband is needed to be worn in order to play with the LaserTrooper. This means that the LaserTrooper is and will be the only producer worldwide who can actually say that its system allows players to run at full speed, crawl, climb and sneak as opposed to any other fake version of mobility. Discover these and many more awesome features by contacting us!

LaserTrooper gun blueprint​​