Stand-alone or tied-in to other facilities; setting up a business is intensive and thrilling, yet extremely rewarding. Being market leader in Europe, LaserMaxx has extensive experience and expertise on how to make your business as profitable as possible, available for the LaserTrooper as well!

We guarantee

  • Best quality products
  • The newest technologies
  • Continuous innovations
  • Customization
  • 24/7 Quality service
  • An excellent price-quality ratio


The LaserTrooper is ideal for corporate groups requiring team-building, birthday parties, school events or even a free-for-all. Practical use can very greatly due the LaserTrooper's immense flexibility. It can range from a stand-alone LaserTrooper venue to being an addition to already existing entertainment options. This gives customers a choice between for instance paint-ball and the LaserTrooper or go-karts and the LaserTrooper. And not in the last place: the LaserTrooper is ideal for any outdoor terrain or any outdoor entertainment business for renting purposes to private and corporate customers. The LaserTrooper is able to strengthen the range of your business. If you already have go-karts, bowling or other services, imagine benefits such as package pricing, lowering thresholds for certain target groups to visit, keeping customers longer on-site, increasing revenues from food and beverages and of course the revenue from the LaserTrooper itself!


With over a decade worth of experience within the laser game industry, we have built up a considerable amount of expertise on subjects such as how to integrate marketing to your business and how to maximize your profits. In addition to an excellent product, we offer you to maximize your efficiency and profitability!
Requirements to start a LaserTrooper terrain are limited. Apart from the need to have a good location and a healthy dose of enthusiasm, everybody is free to open a LaserTrooper terrain to share the entertainment experience all around the world!


Do you want exclusivity for LaserTrooper equipment in your particular city or region? It is not unthinkable that more entrepreneurs in your region would like to open a LaserTrooper terrain. Due to our company culture, we are flexible enough to allow you to apply for exclusivity! Inform about the possibilities of exclusivity at the contact page!